Companies Reviewed

Regent Reviewed

Regent has the distinction of offering the widest range of motor insurance policies in the South African insurance market. Furthermore, the company also boasts of being one of the top two insurers for commercial vehicles in the country along with being the company that has more than a quarter of the aircraft in South Africa insured with them.

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Zurich Reviewed

Zurich in South Africa is a company that can trace its origins way back to the beginning of the 19th century. The company’s roots lie in a company known as Eagle Star that was formed in 1917 and had a South African subsidiary known as SA Eagle which was established in South Africa in 1968.

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XL Insurance Reviewed

XL Insurance is a leading insurance provider in South Africa that is a part of the global Group known as XL Group plc. The XL Group, while being an international entity, is headquartered in Ireland. The XL Group is primarily a global insurance and reinsurance provider that mainly works through its wholly owned subsidiaries such as XL Insurance South Africa.

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Woolworths Reviewed

Woolworths is a company that is primarily known within South Africa for its multipurpose stores. Traditionally, Woolworths stores have been known to cater to the demand for textile and food items in the country. The company currently boasts of over 400 stores within South Africa, the African continent and the Middle Eastern region. The company has been in existence for over 8 decades.

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Unity Reviewed

Unity is a company that was established around 8 years ago in 2004. The company, at the time of its inception, decided to be different from generic insurance companies in the country by ensuring that the internal composition of the company reflected that of the South African community.

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